Approximately 217 Cuban medical professionals arrived in South Africa last month, and have now started field work in the fight against COVID-19 in the country.

The group includes family doctors, general practitioners, epidemiologists and biomedical engineers.

Each South African province will have a team of Cuban medical professionals assigned to it, and work has now started in Limpopo, the North West province, and the Eastern Cape.

An estimated 28 Cuban doctors will be making their way to the Western Cape, as the province has become the epicentre of the country’s coronavirus epidemic. Currently, there are nearly 10 000 confirmed cases, and the numbers are not yet decreasing.

Picture: Facebook/Radio 786

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Lucinda Dordley

Lucinda is a hard news writer who occasionally dabbles in lifestyle writing, and recent journalism graduate. She is a proud intersectional feminist, and is passionate about actively creating a world which is free of discrimination and inequality.