Another horrific attack on a dog has left animal-lovers shocked. The Animal Welfare Society of South Africa (AWS) was faced with heartbreak when a stabbed dog was brought into their practice at the weekend.

Nido the dog was brought to the Society on Saturday [September 19] with multiple stab wounds to her face and body. According to her owner, Nido is an excited and enthusiastic dog who always greets her owner at the front gate and often bounds down the road for a short distance to excitedly announce her arrival to the neighbours.

“This playful practice that usually ends without incidence went horribly wrong when an unknown passer-by took exception to her boisterous play, drew a huge hunting-type knife and repeatedly stabbed Nido in the face and body,” AWS explained in a Facebook post.

“The attack that we estimate lasted mere seconds left Nido fighting for her life as blood gushed out of the deep stab wounds. By the time she arrived back home Nido was in severe pain and shock and a bloodied mess and in obvious need of emergency medical treatment.”

She was quickly brought into an operating theatre and underwent delicate surgery to her bruised face and body. She is now in recovery, and the Society is hopeful she will be alright.

“Whilst Nido recovers we will pursue our lines of investigation into this ostensibly unprovoked mindless act – by a dog that does not display any obvious signs of aggression whatsoever and whose playful behaviour was a source of joy for everyone.”

The Animal Welfare Society does not receive state funding and depends entirely on donations. If you are within means, please donate HERE. Donations help provide their animals with veterinary treatment, food, water, exercise and a safe and comfortable shelter.

Picture/s: Facebook / Animal Welfare Society of SA

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