Forbes recently named Durban as South Africa’s new “darling”, saying that Cape Town should move over and make room for another coastal city that is often forgotten.

Locals may be shocked to hear the news that Forbes is claiming Durban as South Africa’s new top city to visit.

“Cape Town captivates visitors to South Africa, and rightfully so. The city’s beauty is only rivaled by its vibrant culture and opportunities for adventure. But on South Africa’s other coast, there’s another often-overlooked city that deserves just as much attention: Durban,” says the article.

The magazine claims that Durban is winning over the hearts of travellers with its golden beaches, bustling harbour and sparkling waters on the coast of the Indian Ocean, paired with rich culture and the traditions of its diverse residents.

Some of the reasons listed to visit Durban include:

1. Durban’s Golden Mile

Durban’s Golden mile stretches for more than six glorious kilometres, offering visitors a seemingly endless oasis for sunbathing and swimming. The Mozambique Current also keeps the waters warm all year round.

2. Dreamy Indian Cuisine

If you like your meals spicy then Durban is the place to be. Often jokingly referred to as little India, Durban’s Indian locals have added a unique touch of delightful Afro-Indian fusion to the area.

There’s no better place to try a bunny chow, and you’ll be spoilt for options.

3. Market Vibes

Durban is also renowned for its vibrant market atmosphere, offering a selection of tempting options. Durban’s oldest market, the Victoria Street Market, has some 200 stalls to browse.

4. The Oyster Box

Renowned world-class boutique hotel The Oyster Box stands out among accommodation experiences in Durban. It boasts 86 breathtaking rooms, villas and suites. The hotel doubles as an art gallery with hundreds of works on display and has scooped up a number of international awards for its unique charm and unforgettable atmosphere.

5. The Art District

In recent years, Station Drive Precinct has been transformed into a must-visit spot for shopping, dining and art. The area has been revitalised by the local creative community and a large-scale mural in the area attracts viewers from far and wide. It is also a great spot for antique finds.

6. Convenience 

Durban is a convenient location for locals or visitors looking to explore KwaZulu-Natal. It acts as the perfect location or starting point for those looking to explore the province and take in authentic Zulu culture.

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