The Strandfontein fishing community will be glad to hear that a popular local fishing spot along the False Bay Coastline will be undergoing a much-need upgrade after years of degradation.

The City of Cape Town said on Thursday, that due to the troublesome relationship the False Bay coastline has with the ocean, the sea wall and adjoining infrastructure has degraded badly. The next step for the City is a R3,4-million upgrade to protect the parking area at the Fisherman’s Lane fishing area.

Erosion to the infrastructure caused by spring tides and wave action is an ongoing issue that needs to be seriously addressed.

The City said in a statement, that remedial action was submitted to their Coastal Transversal Working Group last year and in May 2018, a contractor moved onto the site to start a nine-week project aimed at restoring the infrastructure and preventing future damage.

Fisherman’s Lane is undergoing an upgrade.

The restructure includes removing all the existing asphalt layers and subbase materials, and building a gabion retaining wall. Other upgrades include excavating and reinstalling the parking area edge and diverting the sewer line underneath the parking area.

The project is being funded by the City’s Recreation and Parks Department as the facility owner, in partnership with the City’s Coastal Management Department who designed the engineering solution.

Mayco Member for Safety and Security; and Social Services, JP Smith said he was very impressed at the work being done during a recent visit to the site.

“It is our hope that the fishing fraternity will find the upgrades and reinforcements a step up from the challenges that they’ve had to contend with in the past. I also urge fishermen using the facility to please desist from driving over the dunes, but instead to use only the path leading out of the parking area to get to their fishing spot.”

Pictures: City of Cape Town

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