Samantha Perkins and a group of femmes have started the #IWillNotBeNext fundraiser to gather funds to purchase pepper spray for female UCT students. This comes in the wake of the barrage of gender-based violence against women that has South Africa shaken.

The fundraiser is hosted on Backabuddy, and started a goal to raise R30 000. The funds will be used to provide a minimum of 300 units of pepper spray to female UCT students to use as protection. Funds donated go directly to the pepper spray supplier. The campaign has already beat its R30 000 target, and has shifted to a R100 000 target.

This initiative is being done in memory of the many victims of gender-based violence that have been dominating the news in the last few weeks, namely Uyinene Mrwetyana, Jesse Hess, Leighandre Jegels, Lynette Volschenk, and Meghan Cremer.

On their official donation page, they write, “We currently face what’s akin to a war against women in South Africa. Recent events have demonstrated that women are not at liberty to go anywhere without having to fear for their lives – albeit to, from or at the grocery store, campus, a club, a pre-school, the post office, or even one’s own home. It has been clearly illustrated that there simply is NO safe place for the women of this country.”

The campaign organisers appeal to everyone to support this worthy cause, financially or through word of mouth. They write, “Please stand with us and contribute to the cause where possible. It is in our collective best interest to address this sickness that exists in our country, so in addition, we ask that you continue the conversation and help us keep this narrative alive. Enough is enough.”

The organisers also encourage other universities to set up their own funds to help their female students.

Click HERE if you would like to donate to the cause.


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