Voëlklip in Herold’s Bay has risen to infamy for the number of deaths so frequently reported in the area, and concerned George residents have started a Facebook group to find solutions on how to prevent further incidents.

Tragedy once again struck in the area on Saturday, February 20 at 6.45 pm when a member of the public informed police that a white vehicle had gone down the cliff. Two women, both 75 years old, were recovered during a search-and-rescue operation. Their bodies were found at 3.50 am on Sunday, February 21.

It is believed that two firearms were also recovered from the wreckage, and have been sent for ballistics tests.

Since 2016, eight cars have plunged down the cliffs there, and this has earned it the name “cliff of death”.

A 34-year-old mother and her two-year-old daughter died when their car went over the cliff in January. The toddler’s body was discovered at sea two weeks after the incident, while her eight-year-old brother managed to jump from the car just before it went over.

The “Save Voëlklip” Facebook was founded by Andre Bruton, a George resident who is worried about the safety of the area, given the high volume of fatal incidents reported there.

“A group for discussions about Voelklip in George. There have been too many deaths and nothing done about it. It is time the citizens of George get together and do something about it. We need action, not words,” he said, introducing the group on the popular social media app. “There has been too much talk and not enough action. Its time that we, the citizens of George, take action and fix the problem.”

George residents have previously called on local government to engage with the owner of the land on which the cliff is found. They have decided to be proactive and take matters into their own hands by forming the group.

As reported by IOL, Executive Mayor Leon Van Wyk said that the municipality will continue to hosting talks between the relevant stakeholders within its municipal mandate.

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Two bodies of elderly women found in Voëlklip car accident

Picture: Knysna-Plett Herold

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