The Western Cape veterinary services have confirmed that investigations are underway to identify the recent source of a rabies outbreak in Khayelitsha in Cape Town.

According to reports throughout the week, two dogs tested positive for the virus in Khayelitsha, which is the first confirmed case in over 27 years within the Cape Metro after the last dog who tested positive for rabies was in 1994.

Rabies has also been reported in various parts of South Africa involving different animal species as the known, ongoing cycles of it exist in domestic dogs, black-backed jackal, mongoose species and bat-eared fox in certain locations of the country, NICD reported.

Meanwhile, spokesperson for the provincial agricultural ministry Daniel Johnson has called on pet owners to be more vigilant regarding the recent outbreak of rabies.

Johnson says his department is working closely with the welfare organisations and medical doctors to check on contacts and any people who may have been bitten and need treatment.

” If you suspect that you have had contact with a rabid animal, getting preventative treatment as soon as possible saves your life. Wash any bite or scratch wound thoroughly with soap and water, and then go immediately to your doctor or clinic to get rabies vaccinations,” Johnson indicated.

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