Loud screams rang through a block of flats in Cape Town’s CBD when a woman discovered the dead body of her boyfriend on Wednesday morning.

John Curran (60) spent two years working as the Director of Education for Mellon Educate based in the city. His body was discovered in his Buitengracht Street apartment riddled with stab wounds.

Neighbour Dragan Kuruzovic tweeted: “I woke up this morning at like 9am with a woman outside my room SCREAMING: ‘Oh my god, my boyfriend is dead’ about 10 times. Then the screams went ‘There’s blood all over the place’. I heard people running and freaking out, etc. Doors slamming. I called my neighbour… He went in the place the moment the girl screamed and saw the full-on dead body and blood all over. Says it was definitely murder.”

It is alleged that CCTV footage captured Curran’s killer fleeing from the block at approximately 4am on Wednesday morning, but South African Police Services remain tightlipped on this.

“Kindly be advised that the death of a 60-year-old man is under investigation after his body was discovered in his hotel apartment situated in Buitengracht Street Cape Town yesterday,” SAPS spokesperson, Andre Traut, said. “A murder case has been registered and no one has been arrested as yet.”

Last month, a British man was found stabbed to death in his Green Point flat. A 24-year-old man has since been arrested for the murder and is currently awaiting trial.

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