World Sandwich Day is celebrated on November 3, and this year Ladles of Love, in partnership with Anchor Yeast, hosted a big sandwich-making drive. In addition, founder, Danny Diliberto, pledged to match one step up Table Mountain for every sandwich made.

Ladles of Love has been a staple in Cape Town for years but interest in the charity really stepped up during lockdown when people began contributing loaves of sandwiches to help those in need of a meal.

“Anchor Yeast approached us and wanted to do a campaign together,” explained Diliberto. “We decided we were going to call it Rise Above Hunger as Anchor Yeast is a rising agent. The idea was to make 50,000 sandwiches and climb this iconic mountain.”

As part of a drive for World Sandwich Day, locations across the country, including those at Anchor Yeast made sandwiches to try and reach this goal. Diliberto climbed Table Mountain with a group who had bought tickets to join in, all proceeds went towards Ladles of Love and their incredible charity work.

“When you look at where we are in this country, what COVID has done, it has just decimated our economy,” said Franco Pereira, Managing Director of Anchor Yeast. “There are people in this country that just don’t have food… they go to bed without a meal. We feel quite honoured to be part of this,” he said, “we’ve been making sandwiches throughout the country today.”

Picture: Maxine February

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