Thaabiet Abdol thought he was going to die after a rip current pulled him 800m from shore in Gordons Bay yesterday Saturday February, 29.

Abdol, a school teacher from Mitchells Plain, was saved after 30 minutes by a man who braved the strong currents to rescue him. Now, he is trying to get in touch with the man.

Thaabiet Abdol. Supplied

“As I was fighting for my life for more than 30 minutes everyone on the beach tried to assist me but the water was too cold and the current too strong,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

“Looking at the beach front, I thought this would be the last few seconds I will see my family. Then out of nowhere a complete stranger jumped into the water literally seconds before I went down,” he said.

“My brother Shameeg Abdol also jumped in and tried to save me as well but current was too strong and water too cold.”

The man fought through the current to get to Adbol and swam him back to the beach.

“The man brought me back to shore and he was also tired. I was unconscious for bout 30 min. He checked if i was ok.”

Abdol is asking people on Facebook to help find the man who assisted him. He described him as a coloured man, could be in his early 30s and drives a white Nissan Sentra.

“I would really like to put it on record and express my deepest gratitude for this man’s bravery to rescue me and thus saving my life.”

If you have any information which could help Abdol find his rescuer, contact him on 0836866234.

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