The residents of Milnerton have been placated after what was believed to be an abduction incident has turned out to be part of a film scenario. According to the Milnerton Crime Watch, the incident took place on Ixia Street on Tuesday, February 16.
The Watch was alarmed after a resident reported a “kidnapping” on Tuesday evening.
“Appropriate footage has been sought and is being investigated. At this time no report has been received by SAPS of an abduction or missing person that matches the incident,” the Watch said via Facebook on Tuesday evening.
Several hours later it released another statement, saying that reviewing the footage has revealed that the “abduction” seemed to form part of some sort of unauthorized film set in the area.
“After extensive interviews, video footage review and investigation, it has been concluded that the above incident appears to have been an informal crew filming some form of video. After the “lady was abducted” the vehicle returned to the area and continued filming. All indications are that this was informal video shoot and not an actual incident,” the page said.
“It is a municipal requirement that any film-shoot taking place in a public area requires a permit for exactly this reason. To prevent alarming a community and taking up precious resources to further the investigation in the public interest. ALL movie shoots within the City of Cape Town will be properly marked, co-ordinated and have a permit on hand. That’s the point of the permit office. Please, if you see a movie shoot in progress – even if it’s an informal youtube type thing, ensure that those in charge of this have a permit.”
While the group encourages residents to embrace technology and use their creativity, it reminds people that this must be carried out with public safety in mind and the appropriate steps must be followed to keep role-players within the community informed.
“We consider the matter closed as does SAPS who have closed their enquiry on this matter with similar conclusion,” it said.
Picture: Milnerton Rates Payers Association/Facebook

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