No progress has yet been made in the search for a fisherman who has been lost at sea since Thursday, November 19.

The National Sea Rescue Institute’s (NSRI ) emergency services, along with the SA Police Services, the Police Dive Unit, and a Police Dive Unit craft are still searching for a fisherman who went missing off-shore from Paternoster on Thursday, November 19.

The NSRI’s Mykonos duty crew were activated following reports of a fisherman who reportedly went missing earlier this week. The missing fisherman’s boat was towed to shore by a fellow fishing vessel, after which an alarm was raised.

“It appears that while out fishing, their fishing boat, a Crayfish Bakkie, experienced fuel starvation when they were returning to shore,” said NSRI spokesperson Craig Lebinon.

“We believe that an oar fell out the boat and the fisherman may have jumped into the water to retrieve the oar when in 25-knot winds the boat drifted away from him and sight of the fisherman was lost,” he added.

Despite extensively searching the shoreline and sea around Paternoster, there is still no sign of the missing fisherman.

The search for the missing fisherman is still ongoing.

*This is a developing story.

Picture: Twitter/@NSRI

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