Authorities have advised those in Ocean View to be cautious, as ongoing gang violence has been reported in the area.

According to the Fish Hoek Community Policing Forum (Fish Hoek CPF), a number of people have been shot, and houses have been torched as well.

“If you have info please contact the Ocean View CSC via 10111 or the following numbers 0798940126 or 0798939823,” the CPF said.

Ocean View resident Nithaam Solomon took to social media to plea for gang violence to come to an end, as it is ripping the previously close-knit community apart.

“Things have changed,” Solomon said. “The fears we have now are very different from the fears we had back then.”

He adds that Ocean View is a stronghold of talent, but all of this pales in comparison to what people associate the area with – gunshots, gangsterism and crime are rife, and dominate the news when speaking about the area.

“These injustices are currently overshadowing our talent,” Solomon said. “On my way home, I heard that there were gunshots, there were all types of things happening today in our community. What has changed? Where have we gone wrong? Where have we wronged ourselves?”

“How is it possible that someone who looks like you, hurts you? Someone who lives in your neighbourhood probably, kills you?” he questioned.

He recalled growing up around gangsters, but not feeling fear as those who were not involved were not harmed.

“I can’t say the same right now,” Solomon added. “Right now, it’s a free for all. People go to work, they come from work… They fear for their lives.”

He also touched on how children going to and from school feared for their lives, as they do not know whether the next bullet will hit them.

“We seriously need to change, but we need to be that change.”

Picture: Nithaam Solomon/Facebook

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