Waitress Sidu Hlengwa’s year kicked off with a great start when a normal shift at work ended with a generous reward.

While working at Panarottis Galleria in Amanzimtoti on December 30, Hlengwa was surprised when one of her receipts showed she received an enormous tip thanks to her excellent service.

Taking to the popular #ImStaying Facebook group, proud sister Alungile Hlengwa shared an image of the receipt for a R1340 tip, which is worth more than twice the amount of the meal cost.

“I’m simply staying because my younger sister who I’m proud of. Finished her teaching degree last year and is hustling because she hasn’t gotten a permanent position yet. So she’s working at a restaurant as a waitress and last night she posted this on her WhatsApp,” Alungile wrote in her post.

“Thank you South Africans for your generosity, those waiters/waitresses come from different backgrounds and they really need those jobs and appreciate every little tip.”

Since it was shared, the post has received over 2.8k likes.

Paying it forward has become a popular act, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. In October, a patron at Massimo’s in Hout Bay added a whopping R4000 tip to their bill to go support their pay it forward pizza campaign, which they have been running for years. Diners have the option of purchasing virtual slices of pizza and for every six slices sold, the restaurant delivers an entire pizza to a local charity or organisation.

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