South Africans have been warned of a coming second wave of COVID-19 for weeks, and despite this, police in Johannesburg have made several arrests at a number of establishments that were not following health and social distancing protocols.

Bars, shebeens and clubs in Johannesburg were among the establishments that were raided by Police Minister Bheki Cele himself and accompanying law enforcement officials for contravening the Disaster Management Act.

Nightclubs have not yet been given the go-ahead to operate under lockdown level 1, as they are notorious for attracting large crowds of people and often pack them into spaces that are not large enough to sustain adequate social distancing measures.

Police Ministry Spokesperson, Lirandzu Themba,  shared a video on Twitter on Sunday, October 25 showing why Blackdoor Lounge in Sandton was shut down by police. In addition to having no liquor license or a manager on duty, the club was packed beyond capacity and no patrons wore masks.

“There were almost 300 people, no masks, no social distancing and breaking the law and it tells you that we won’t survive the second wave if it is here. Besides breaking the lockdown law, people are breaking the real law and being here after curfew,” Cele said.

South Africa is not the only country in the world that is currently experiencing a resurgence in COVID-19 daily case numbers.
As reported by Time, the United States has reached a record-high in the number of daily COVID-19 infections just days before its Presidential election. This has surpassed its peak in mid-July, and as of October 24, there has been an average weekly report of 23.0 infections per 100 000 residents. On July 19, this number was reported at 20.5 infections per 100 000 residents.
On October 23, the country also reported an alarming 83 757 new infections.
There have been signs for weeks that a third wave would be hitting America, as the weather has gotten colder and the virus spread from nucleated metropolitan regions to the more rural outskirts.
The World Health Organization recently warned that countries in the northern hemisphere, specifically Europe, should prepare for a resurgence in COVID-19 cases, as the cooler weather aides in the spread of the virus. Residents of the northern hemisphere have also been warned that there may be severe strain on healthcare services, as a COVID-19 resurgence would also be competing with the annual flu virus.
Picture: Screenshot/SP News and Info

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