Pioneer Foods has confirmed that Liqui Fruit Red Grape 330ml cans that had to be recalled earlier in the week do not contain pieces of glass as previously reported.

On Sunday [September 6], the company announced that they had to recall the cans for an investigation after receiving reports of small shards of glass inside them.

“The investigation as to the root cause and extent of the issue is underway but as a precautionary measure, we are conducting a product recall of a particular single batch of Liqui Fruit Red Grape 330ml cans,” said the company in a statement at the time.

“The substance has now been independently verified to be Potassium Bitartrate crystals – a natural occurring substance in products made from grapes – such as grape juice and wine. Crystallization occurs under certain conditions such as e.g. low temperature and in this case occurred post-processing and canning. It is also more commonly known as cream of tartar when used as a cooking aid,” the company said in a newly released statement.

“Given the presence of these crystals consumers are still advised not to consume or dispose of the product but to return it for a full refund. The recall of this specific product batch therefore remains in place. Pioneer Foods apologises for any anxiety and concern caused whilst we awaited the outcome of the detailed analysis of the crystals. ”

All other Liqui Fruit product codes are unaffected and do not need to be returned.

The quickest way to receive a refund is to return the product to the retailer. But if you need additional information or are unable to return the product to the retailer, please call our consumer care line on 0800 212 360 or email: [email protected]

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