South Africa is expected to experience a second surge of coronavirus infections in the coming weeks. A number of scientists in the country warn that current models reveal the risk of a second wave is high.

According to Wits University Professor Bruce Milado, who is also a member of the Gauteng COVID-19 Advisory Committee, the model his team is using to track coronavirus infections suggest there is a strong chance that a second wave will hit the country soon.

As reported by the SABC, Milado explains that they have been monitoring other countries like France and Spain, who experienced a peak of infections which then stabilised, before peaking yet again a short while later.

South Africa has 692 471 confirmed cases of COVID-19, of which 623 765 people have recovered. This translates to a recovery rate of 90%. The total number of COVID-19 related deaths has been tallied at 17 780.

In the Western Cape, authorities have noted an increase in incidents of non-adherence to COVID-19 protocols. The City of Cape Town’s Environmental Health Practitioners are particularly concerned about the number of people who are going about their business in public without masks, as well as crowd management in shops, malls and other public amenities.

Milado says that the risk of a second wave can be reduced if residents follow COVID-19 protocols more closely.

The Western Cape government is taking precautionary measures in the event of a second wave of COVID-19.

Western Cape Head of Health, Dr Keith Cloete, said that experts from the province and country are assessing other nations that are currently facing a resurgence in coronavirus infections.

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