The Somerset West CPF has partnered with Namola and its safety app to assist residents in the Somerset West precinct when help is needed in times of emergencies by turning their mobile phone into a panic button.

Namola is South Africa’s leading response solution that allows all citizens to Get Help Fast. When you request assistance for yourself or a loved one, they will call you immediately to confirm details and then dispatch help from Namola Watch, Emergency Services or Private Response.

According to the Somerset West CPF, GPS locations will help authorities reach those in need as soon as possible. The app can also be used to alert loved ones of residents’ live locations.
“When you need urgent help, you simply press the panic button on the app for three seconds and a trained operator will call you back immediately. The operator will confirm the emergency details and dispatch the necessary help from its network of Emergency Services,” the organisation said.
The Somerset CPF, SAPS, and various Neighbourhood Watch groups in our precinct are linked to the App as Responders and will be notified of any emergencies, may it be a motor vehicle accident, housebreaking, fire or any emergency.”
The app is linked to a 24/7 Control Room to assist in an emergency and they will notify the relevant services to respond to calls.
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You can also download the app, which is totally free, by visiting

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