The Cape of Good Hope SPCA has several ponies and farm animals that have been rehabilitated and are ready for adoption.

Christmas and Pickle are two of the potbellied pigs rescued by the SPCA’s Horsecare and Farmyard Unit. The pair are now ready to find their forever homes.

“These delightful young adult female potbelly pigs have such sweet and intelligent natures,” said the SPCA.

“They will make lovely companions for an individual/family who understands the breed’s needs and can care for them properly, and provide them with all the love, attention and stimulation they deserve for the remainder of their lives.”

SPCA seeking a forever home for several of its farmyard animals

The contingent of horses is made up of Romeo, Winston, Prince Charming and Prince.

Romeo is a crossbred chestnut-coloured pony that was found illegally working as a cart-puller. The eight-year-old is a very gentle soul who needs a nurturing hand to coax him out of his shell.

“Romeo is very timid at times but with reassurance, he settles down and is very sweet,” says the SPCA. “He is the schoolmaster with some of the youngsters that he has shared a paddock with and shows them how it is done.”

SPCA seeking a forever home for several of its farmyard animals

Winston is a pony with a sense of humour. He is between 12 and 18 months old and stands 12.1 hands high.

“This gorgeous youngster has loads of potential and we expect him to keep growing.

“Winston is very friendly over the paddock fence and can’t wait to be someone’s fabulous best friend,” says the SPCA.

SPCA seeking a forever home for several of its farmyard animals

Prince Charming has made a miraculous recovery while he has been in the SPCA’s care.

As previously reported by Cape Town Etc, the horse was found starving and searching for food. He wandered into a neighbour’s yard in search of something to eat before he collapsed.

Prince Charming is now happy and healthy.

It has been a long journey to health for Prince Charming, but with lots of love and care from our hospital, vets and Horsecare Unit, this special chap has made an incredible recovery. Prince Charming is now happy, healthy and looking forward to his second chance and finding his forever home.”

SPCA seeking a forever home for several of its farmyard animals

To read more about Christmas, Pickle, Romeo, Winston, Prince Charming and the rest of the rescue animals that are available for adoption visit the SPCA’s adoption gallery on Facebook.

To arrange a meeting with the animals, fill out the SPCA’s online adoption form.

Alternatively, you can contact Senior Inspector Emma Linsell at [email protected]

Pictures: Cape of Good Hope SPCA

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