Members of the Strand Neighborhood Watch came together on Saturday night [February 20] to make their streets a little bit safer.

Fifteen patrollers were on duty, and they were quick on the scene to speak to suspicious individuals.

“Among other things, we also ran into an old acquaintance of ours after the deadline in downtown. After promising hand and mouth that he had nothing funny or irregular with him, he then very nervously unpacked his backpack and, miraculously, a bag of marijuana fell out, of which he was not at all aware. Enough to keep him flying at a good height for a year.” writes the Strand Neighbourhood Watch on Facebook.

The Watch contacted SAPS and the boy was charged.

They also came across three boys, aged 12, 13 and 14, sleeping under a blanket. The boys explained that their parents had moved back to Mount Fletcher in the Eastern Cape and they were left behind in their sister’s care. However, the sister also returned to the Eastern Cape, leaving them homeless.

The Neighbourhood Watch made a call to child welfare services to take the kids to a safe house.

“Attempts will then be made to locate the parents and the necessary actions will be taken. The children were safely dropped off at Strand SAPS according to this arrangement,” they concluded.

Picture: Facebook / Strand Neighbourhood Watch

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