Adventure blogger, Kerry Kopke, took a dip in the Atlantic Ocean to get a closer look at Cape Town’s underwater kelp kingdom. She posted some awesome footage to her Twitter page of her experience through the kelp forest. From jellyfish to crabs, and even an anchor from a shipwreck, word’s can’t capture the beauty of her underwater adventure, but a video can.

Take a look at what it’s like to scuba dive through Cape Town’s kelp forests.

Take note:

– Kerry went with scuba diving centre, Into The Blue. Unexperienced divers should always dive with qualified divers.

– Kerry is an experienced open water swimmer.

– Diving in the chilly Atlantic means double wetsuits, booties, gloves and headgear, which is all offered by the diving centre.

Photography Kerry Kopke

Article written by

Nikki Louw

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