You’re busy, independent and on the go, which is the reason you might need an assistant from time to time. The Guardian Angel Lifestyle Benefit provides specialised benefits for women in a variety of helpful ways that will make your life easier and more efficient, while the Guardian Angel on Call provides you with the safety of professional and speedy roadside assistance. Discover more about the First for Women’s Guardian Angel benefit and why you need it. 

5 Good reasons to get the Guardian Angel Assist benefit

1. Roadside assistance you can count on

What exactly does roadside assistance mean and what does it cover? In this case, the Guardian Angel on Call benefit will provide you with immediate breakdown assistance from a professional auto-service if your care has broken down, be it on a national highway, a town road or at the local mall. Relax. You can call upon the roadside assistance benefit if you get a flat tyre, run out of petrol, hit a pothole, have a dead battery or are in a car accident. 

What’s more, the First for Women Guardian Angel on Call will even send a technician to your home if you can’t get your car to start in your garage, and we’ll cover the call-out and the first hour of labour. 

Other smart features that come with the Guardian Angel on Call benefit include:

  • Directions Assist. Explore the telephonic GPS system that plots the best route to your destination. It will even give you clear telephonic directions en route. Alternatively, you may have these directions emailed or faxed through to you before you begin your journey.
  • Trip Monitor. You don’t have to drive alone when you have Trip Monitor. This feature will contact you every 30 minutes to make sure you are safe. Should contact be interrupted, a person of your choice will be notified, along with the time and location of the last communication conveyed.

To get the First for Women Guardian Angel on Call benefit, you simply need to download the app from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and save 0860 104 211 on your phone for communications.

2. Your personal home assistance helper

You can count on the First for Women Guardian Angel Lifestyle Assistance benefit for those home emergencies, like a plumbing problem or a tree that’s fallen over onto your roof. Now there’s no need to panic. You know who to call. The Home Assist benefit offers our members professional plumbing and electrical services from a network of trusted suppliers. What’s more, we’ll pick up the cost of the call-out and the first hour of labour. This benefit also extends to home improvements. If you’ve been dreaming about remodelling your kitchen or bathroom, renovating the garage or doing some much-needed repairs to spruce up your home, you can count on the home assist benefit’s huge database of professionals who we trust to help you with everything you might need with your project, like builders, glaziers, flooring specialists, painters, garden services or landscapers – all in your particular area. Just call 0860 104 212 to access the information you need.

3. Day or night emergency Medical Assist

The First for Women Medical Assist benefit provides you with a personal health advisor. If your child has a fever, or a loved one has had a minor accident, like a fall, help is on hand with First for Women’s Medical Assist. Our ICU-trained nursing sisters and paramedics can provide expert telephonic medical advice 24/7 for aches and pains related to things like allergies or fevers. They can also help out with questions about medication and how to treat certain ailments. 

The medical assist benefit can arrange to send an ambulance, should you need one, and transfer you to the closest medical facility by road or air. Should anyone in your home or family be exposed to HIV, we also offer Expo-Sure service, to deal with blood tests, offer counselling services and antiretroviral therapy. 

4. You’re our number one client with Concierge Assist

Spoil yourself with a sophisticated lifestyle management service and never miss out on the fun or be late for a meeting or an appointment again. The First for Women’s Concierge Assist benefit can help those with busy, active lives. Let us help you book your flights, hire a car or make that long overdue dentist appointment for you. The Entertainment Assist can go one step further and make restaurant reservations and accommodation bookings for you.

5. Legal Assist & Tax Assist for expert advice

When you draw up a will or a lease, or if you want to buy a house or a flat, you will need expert legal advice. The First for Women Legal Assist can help you out. We can provide you with the telephonic opportunity to consult with a qualified attorney over a variety of topics, like the documents you will need when you buy  or sell a property, how to draw up a personal will, signing leases or rental agreements and what’s involved in assigning power of attorney.

The Tax Assist benefit offers financial assistance from qualified experts about topics relating to your income tax returns, and how best to plan for your retirement. 

How to get the First for Women Guardian Angel Benefit?

At First for Women, we know there are times when a little extra help can go a long way. That’s why we give our policyholders automatic access to this range of benefits through the Guardian Angels on Call and the Guardian Angels Lifestyle benefits. You can count on reliable roadside assistance if you are ever stranded or emergency help at home if you ever need it. Simply save 0860 104 212 to your phone and download the First for Women App from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. 

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