The global COVID-19 pandemic has led to some interesting phenomena as people try to resume going about normal routines.

An unnamed priest in the US got extra creative when a couple decided they wanted their baby baptised, by using a toy most kids grew up with. Keeping the recommended social distance, the parents can be seen holding the baby in the air and the priest (wearing his mask) holds up what is believed to be a water gun. Everyone looks at ease and the parents are smiling. A photo shared on Twitter has since gone viral.

Many commented that it was just a joke, and even posted another picture of a “home-version” of a similar “baptism”.

Reactions on the post were varied, with some seeing humour in it, but others taking offense.

“This looks like what would happen in a comedy movie about the virus, making fun of how we handled it,” one Twitter user said.

“A complete mockery of what he supposedly believes is a sacrament,” another responded.

Picture: Twitter


Article written by

Anita Froneman