A new hiking mobile app, Forge, guides avid hikers along their chosen route with ease with its package of easy-to-use digital maps of the entire Cape Peninsula.

Each trail has been digitised and attributed by the Forge team so are accurate and up-to-date, letting outdoor enthusiasts lose themselves in the beautiful mountains without losing their way.

The Cape Peninsula is home to over 1 300 kilometers of hiking trails and Forge has got them down pat. Users can easily move around the map to discover the world of breathtaking trails right on their doorstep and explore endlessly.

Of all the well-established routes surrounded by interesting hiking folklore in Cape Town, Forge has narrowed them down and put them all in one place so users can easily find the next adventure that suits them, from the popular Lion’s Head trails to Skeleton Gorge, India Venster, Devil’s Peak, and more.

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For every trail, the app gives an overview of the difficulty, time, distance and elevation so users can make an educated decision about their preferred route.


The company that began this new tool for nature-lovers, Forge New Frontiers, is made up of three Capetonians and is a 100% homegrown start-up based in Cape Town.
If you’re keen to try out a route you’re not so familiar with, download Forge on the App Store or Google Play and have fun expanding your horizons, literally.
Check out Forge’s website for more information: www.forgesa.com.
Picture: Forgesa

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