Phillipa Dods, a Cape Town local, has been training for the Ironman triathlon taking place in Durban later this year. Dods hopes to raise funds for Rape Crisis Cape Town through participating in the challenging race.

The triathlon equates to 70.3 miles (103 km) covered in the race. Dodds will endure a 1.2-mile (1.9 km) swim, a 56-mile (90 km) bike ride, and a 13.1-mile (21.1 km) run.

“Driven by the ambition to tackle injustice and end gender-based violence in South Africa, I’ll be at the start line of the Ironman 70.3 Durban 2019.

I believe that crime against women and girls is not only a crime against humanity, but also the primary cause of disempowerment of women and the reason South Africa is being held back from reaching its full potential,” said Dods in a statement.

Rape Crisis Cape Town (RCCT) is a non-profit organisation that aims to help survivors through their recovery process. This is done by aiming to reduce the trauma that survivors experience, as well as to support and encourage survivors to report rape. RCCT supports communities to challenge high rates of rape as well as flaws in the criminal justice system.

Dods’ ultimate goal is to compete in the triathlon knowing she has reached her target of R50 000 for the organisation. If you would like to donate to the cause and help Dods reach her goal, please click here.

Image: Instagram @IRONMANtri

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