The Animal Welfare Society of South Africa (AWS) is currently investigating reports that cats and kittens are being used as live bait to encourage dogfighting.

According to AWS, the felines are caught and sold to be used as bait in one of the most despicable acts of cruelty to animals, dogfighting. This is a conditioning technique to increase the “killer instinct” of any reluctant dogs.

The society is investigating a case involving a forklift driver at a local warehouse, who allegedly admitted to catching cats in the area and selling them in the townships for bait in dog fights.

“This individual’s degree of indifference and complete lack of remorse is very disturbing. His admission sent shivers down our spine,” said AWS.

The man has been caught and stopped from causing further harm, thanks to a caring individual who reported his actions to AWS.

“How anyone can deliberately throw an animal in a pit and then provoke them to rip another animal to pieces, until one of them sadly succumbs to their painful injuries, defies belief yet this savage blood sport is a scourge that we are confronted with all too often and are determined to stamp out,” said AWS in a statement.

If you know of or witness any incidents of animal cruelty, please contact AWS on: 021 692 2626 | 082 601 1761 or email: [email protected] to voice your concerns.

Picture/s: Facebook / Animal Welfare Society

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