Jordan Moore, a teenager from Atlantis, was brutally murdered on November 6.

A week later two men, who are alleged gang members, were apprehended by police for the killing.

On Tuesday, November 17 the police announced that four more suspects have been arrested for the 16-year-old’s murder, according to EWN.

“Four male suspects, aged between 20 and 36, were arrested on 15 November on a charge of murder. They are due to appear in the Atlantis Magistrates Court, where bail will be opposed,” said police spokesperson Frederick van Wyk.

The two men who were arrested last week appeared in the Atlantis Magistrates Court and their case was remanded until January 22.

There are now six people connected to Moore’s murder in police custody.

Moore and two companions — his cousin and a friend — were forced, at gunpoint, to buy alcohol for two men.

As they were walking to the shebeen to make the purchase, they were attacked. Moore’s cousin and the friend managed to escape and ran to find help.

When they returned they discovered Moore’s dead body.

He had been stabbed multiple times, had a chain wrapped around his neck and his wounds suggested that he had been mauled by dogs.

“The senseless killing has seen community members come together to help find justice for the slain teen,” reports EWN.

The motive for Moore’s murder remains unclear.

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