When times are tough, one thing South Africans know how to do is help each other out. Many feeding schemes have sprung up in local communities and non-profit organisations are doing what they can to feed those in need. Countless other generous individuals with great initiatives have risen to the occasion amid the coronavirus pandemic.

One of South Africa’s biggest supermarkets, the Shoprite group, just made it even easier to lend a helping hand. You can gift someone a virtual shopping voucher, or even donate to a worthy non-profit, without setting a foot outside your door.

“Distributing virtual instead of physical vouchers are a speedy and secure way to reach the hundreds of thousands of people in need since lockdown and will assist the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) to roll out food assistance,” the group said on its website.

“Virtual vouchers are sent via SMS to a recipient’s mobile phone within an hour of being purchased and can be redeemed immediately at any Shoprite, Checkers or Usave store, or can be loaded onto a gift card to allow multiple use and top up.”

“In addition to buying virtual vouchers to help individuals, they can also be purchased for vetted non-governmental organisations (NGO’s) working to address food insecurity in local communities.”

Customers can also send money to recipients without bank accounts at the Money Market counters located in selected Shoprite, Checkers and Usave stores.

Tens of thousands of virtual grocery vouchers have already been distributed to South Africans in need after the Group launched this offering via its affiliate Computicket at the beginning of April 2020.

For more information, visit here or go to Computicket to purchase a voucher and start helping those in need.

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