The Hout Bay community has rallied together to search for missing three-year-old Anothando Mhlobo, who was last seen on Monday, August 10. On Friday, August 14 efforts have proved unsuccessful.

There are currently no more coordinated searches, with individuals being informed they can continue on their own if they would like.

“If anybody wants to continue searching you may of course do that independently but the most important thing that people can do now is to remain aware and vigilant about the situation… and the situation regarding children in general,” said Kim Worrall, from the Amoyo Foundation in a Hout Bay community group.

Members of the community began the search after Worrall posted to community groups explaining that unverified sightings of a man with a young child had been told to her by the community.

This led to two days of efforts by the police, private security groups and members of the Hout Bay community.

While this mass effort did not prove successful, Worrall still hopes for a positive outcome.

“There is always the possibility that he might still be around and that people are trying to move him, and yes it’s really hoping for a miracle but miracles do happen,” she said.

“But if everybody is at least at a heightened level of awareness we might just get lucky and somebody might notice something somewhere.”

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